We have thoughtfully arranged for you and your family to comfortably engage in the sunnah of Tarawih prayer, fostering an environment of community, devotion and spiritual serenity for everyone.


Main Congregation (29-Day Khatam):

  • Brothers Location: Main Prayer Hall
  • Sisters Location: See Sisters Arrangements for locations
  • Led By: Mufti Minhajuddin Ahmed, Mufti Azeemuddin Ahmed, & Mawlana Farhan Syed

7-Day Khatam:

  • Brothers Location: Masjid Lower Level
  • Sisters Location: Seminary Room 110
  • Led By: Mufti Hassan Shaikh

Sisters' Arrangements

To provide our sisters with a comfortable Tarawih experience, we have arranged specific areas tailored to the needs of our sisters:

Second Floor

Sisters & Girls (Ages 7+) - Our Sisters’ Prayer Hall and mothers' room is reserved exclusively for sisters and mothers with daughters (ages 7+) who will be praying. This space is designed to ensure an undisturbed, quiet and peaceful environment, allowing sisters to fully immerse in the Qur’anic recitation.

First Floor

Special Needs Accommodation - Room 108 will be designated for sisters of the community with special needs.

7-Day Tarawih - Room 110 will be dedicated for sisters who will be completing the 7-Day Khatam with the brothers.

Lower Level

Mothers Praying with Children - Our Sisters' Banquet Hall will be designated for mothers praying with their young children (under 7 years old), ensuring they have a spacious area to pray and take care of the needs of their children.

Dhikr Room - Room 005 will be dedicated for mothers who wish to sit with their young children along with sisters who are not praying and would like to listen to the Qur’anic recitation or engage in ‘Ibadah. This space offers a comfortable and designated environment for those not engaged in Salah.