Personal Goals

 Ramadan, a month distinguished by its immense virtues, invites us to enhance our worship and good deeds. In this sacred time, when every action is amplified in reward, setting goals and employing a tracker inspires both personal and collective growth. Our Ramadan Action Plan is crafted to assist us through this journey, ensuring we seize every opportunity for spiritual advancement and closer communion with Allah ﷻ.

Daily Checklist

Embark on a structured journey of worship with our Ramadan Checklist, a daily guide designed to help you track and fulfill key spiritual activities. Color in each square as you complete your acts of devotion, enhancing your worship and maximizing the blessed rewards of this holy month.

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2,000 Qur'an Khatams

During this blessed month of Ramadan we are encouraging our community to collectively complete 2,000 khatams of the Qur'an to attract Allah's mercy and seek His acceptance of our prayers through the abundant recitation of the Qur'an. InshaAllah, on the 29th Night of Ramadan we will have a collective du'a for all 2,000 Khatams!