Daily Ramadan Reminders

As we journey through the blessed days of Ramadan, "Spiritual Anchors" presents a series of daily gatherings aimed at enriching our spiritual connection with Allah ﷻ.

After Fajr
Dawn Reflections: Pathways to Jannah

Hafiz Sulaiman Mahmood

The quest for Jannah represents the pinnacle of a believer's aspirations, where the pursuit of eternal bliss guides every deed, prayer, and intention. The Deen's teachings encourage us to strive for righteousness and compete in good deeds as pathways to Paradise, a concept beautifully exemplified by the Sahaba, whose lives were marked by unwavering faith and dedication to spiritual excellence.

"Dawn Reflections: Pathways to Jannah" offers daily reflections to enrich this spiritual journey. Drawing from the Quran, Sunnah, and Sahaba's examples, the series provides bite-sized inspirations after Fajr, guiding believers towards the noble competition for Paradise during the blessed month of Ramadan. It serves as a daily reminder of the virtues and actions that lead us closer to our ultimate aspiration: Jannah.

After 'Asr
Guiding Lights: The Sahaba's Legacy in Modern Lives

Mufti Azeemuddin Ahmed

In today's world, where uncertainty and challenges abound, finding direction and strength from the past can offer invaluable insights. The Sahaba left behind a legacy of faith, courage, and resilience that continues to inspire. Remarkably, these very qualities are vividly embodied by the people of Palestine in their enduring strength and perseverance amidst their struggles.

This new daily post-Asr series aims to bridge the gap between the stories of the Sahaba and the challenges we face today. Each day, we will focus on one quality exemplified by the Sahaba, observe its reflection in the the people of Palestine, and discuss how we can integrate this virtue into our own community.

2:00PM (Online Only)
Sisters' Recitation Circle: Qur'an, Prophetic Prayers, & Tafsir of Select Verses

Alimah Nikhat Muqeem

After Tarawih
Divine Address: Responding to the Call of Allah ﷻ

Mufti Minhajuddin Ahmed

The Quran, a comprehensive guide for humanity, encompasses stories, rulings, glad tidings, admonitions, and parables designed to enlighten every facet of human existence. Within its pages, Allah addresses various groups — from all of mankind to specific communities and individuals, imparting guidance for all aspects of life. Among these addresses, there are verses that speak directly to the believers, "O you who believe," marking a call that is both intimate and profound. These verses serve as a direct invitation from Allah  to His faithful servants, emphasizing their role, responsibilities, and the virtues they are encouraged to embody.

In our nightly post Tarawih Tafsir, we will exclusively explore the Qur’anic verses that begin with "O you who believe," diving deep into what Allah  directly communicates to the believers. This exploration is not just about understanding these verses, but about connecting them to our daily lives and the overarching theme of steadfastness and resilience in faith.