Special Ramadan Events

Our community circles are designed to cater to different age groups, ensuring a personalized and meaningful Ramadan experience for everyone. From interactive sessions for our youth to insightful gatherings for our adults, each program is crafted to resonate with its specific audience.

Sisters' Wing

Mini Muslims: Ramadan Edition

Every Tuesday

An opportunity for moms & tots (ages 0-5) to meet in the Masjid for learning and fun.

Sisters' Sanctuary: Reflect, Revive & Reconnect

Friday, March 15 & Friday, March 29

Sisters (ages 18-30) are invited to spend an evening in the Masjid for a halaqa, du’a, dinner, and dessert!

Mother & Daughter Evenings

Friday, March 22 & Friday, April 5

Mothers/Sisters (25+) & Daughters are invited to spend an evening in the masjid for a spiritually uplifting talk, dhikr, du'a and dinner. There will be a parallel session for daughters ages 7-15.

Brothers' Wing

Youth Nights: Halaqa, Du’a, & Sahoor

Friday, March 15 & Friday, March 22

An exclusive overnight gathering for the youth (18-25), offering a mix of thought-provoking discussions, activities, and sahoor.


Father & Son I'tikaf

Saturday, March 16 & Saturday, March 23

Fathers and their sons (ages 7-15) are invited to spend a night in the Masjid with a halaqa, activities, and sahoor.