Young Muslimahs Tarawih

Alhamdulillah, we are excited to introduce "Play, Pray & Learn: Young Muslims Tarawih," a special program designed to enrich the Ramadan experience for our younger community members, ages 3-14. This complimentary initiative offers children the chance to perform Tarawih in a nurturing environment while participating in Islamic activities tailored to their age group, ensuring a delightful and spiritually engaging experience for each child.

Ages 3-5

Room 007

1st Grade - 2nd Grade

Room 008

3rd Grade - 5th Grade

Room 006

6th Grade & Up

Room 004

NextGen Huffaz Tarawih

in the DarusSalam Gymnasium

At the heart of our community lies our most precious treasure – our children. They are not just the future; they are the vibrant spirit of our present. To nurture the spiritual and professional growth of our next generation, we are excited to introduce our NextGen Huffaz Tarawih.

In this program, young Huffaz from our community will take turns leading Tarawih, under the guidance of our teachers. We will offer opportunities for these young leaders to deliver short reflections, aiming to build their confidence and enrich their Islamic knowledge. Inshallah, throughout the program, we will provide different age-appropriate fun activities and snacks to foster a sense of community and joy among the kids.