The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was more than just a spiritual leader; he was a living embodiment of mercy for all—people, animals, and even the environment. His kind, loving treatment of those around him, irrespective of their social or religious standing, set a precedent of compassion and justice. Beyond his own lifetime, the Shari'ah he conveyed is not merely a collection of rules but an ideal manual for life. It's a timeless guide that offers a path of mercy, understanding, and balance for every individual, illuminating the way to a harmonious and fulfilling existence for all of humanity.


Respecting Our Elders:
Prophetic Prescription for Eternal Success
Nurturing The Next Generation:
Prophetic Guidelines for Empathic Parenting
Green Deen:
Prophetic Directives for Environmental Care
Pinnacle of Akhlaq:
The Prophetic Model of Sublime Character
Respectful Coexistence:
Prophetic Principles for Interfaith Relations
Hearts United:
The Prophetic Blueprint for Marital Bliss


Alimah Sidrah Rabbani
Alimah Khadija Lakhi
Alimah Fatima Sheikh
Alimah Hafsah Ajmeri
Alimah Aishah Dawood
Alimah Khadija Basith
Alimah Fatima Ilahi
Alimah Zaibaa Vohra
Alimah Zainab Ilahi
Alimah Amna Jamil
Alimah Hajera Ahmed
Alimah Maseera Noreen


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Join the DarusSalam community in this noble endeavor of collectively reciting 25 million salawat before the Sirah Conference in an effort to attract Allah’s blessings! A du’a will be made at the conclusion of the program on October 14, inshaAllah.

Parallel Brothers' and Sisters' Conferences

This year, we're excited to introduce parallel conferences for brothers and sisters. Perfect for families, our conference also offers exclusive youth and kids' sessions for both boys and girls. Don't miss this opportunity for your entire family to reconnect with the life of Rasulullah ﷺ.

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The Annual Sirah Conference is held at no cost to attendees. Please register today so that we may provide the best accommodations for you.

Kids' Sirah Competition

Saturday, November 12 after Zuhr (1:30pm)

This year's Annual Sirah Conference will include a friendly competition for youth to put their Sirah knowledge to the test! Utilize your competitive drive to learn about the blessed life of Rasulullah ﷺ. Winners get a prize!

For boys and girls ages 7-16. Additional details will be shared upon registration.