In a world increasingly detached from the metaphysical and the transcendental and guided only by empirical data and logical reasoning, the miracles—Mu'jizat—of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ offer profound lessons and reassurances of the Divine, often challenging the very core of contemporary skepticism. These miracles are not simply historical anomalies or tales woven to intrigue; they are Divine signs that remind us of the higher reality and the unparalleled might of Allah ﷻ and they testify to the authenticity of the prophethood and the revelatory message.


Joining us from out of town? Book your stay with one of our partner hotels for a special discounted rate. Both hotels are located minutes from DarusSalam. Use the links below to reserve your room.

Brothers' I'tikaf

Prefer to stay in the masjid instead of a hotel? Brothers 18 and over are welcome to perform i'tikaf in the masjid for the weekend! Be sure to select this option when registering.


Join the DarusSalam community in this noble endeavor of collectively reciting 25 million salawat before the Sirah Conference in an effort to attract Allah’s blessings! A du’a will be made at the conclusion of the program on October 14, inshaAllah.

Parallel Brothers' and Sisters' Conferences

This year, we're excited to introduce parallel conferences for brothers and sisters. Perfect for families, our conference also offers exclusive youth and kids' sessions for both boys and girls. Don't miss this opportunity for your entire family to reconnect with the life of Rasulullah ﷺ.

The complete program schedule will be available soon. Be sure to join our mailing list to be the first to know!

Register now

The Annual Sirah Conference is held at no cost to attendees. Please register today so that we may provide the best accommodations for you.

Kids' Sirah Competition

Saturday, November 12 after Zuhr (1:30pm)

This year's Annual Sirah Conference will include a friendly competition for youth to put their Sirah knowledge to the test! Utilize your competitive drive to learn about the blessed life of Rasulullah ﷺ. Winners get a prize!

For boys and girls ages 7-16. Additional details will be shared upon registration.