The Prophet (saw) said: "Protect your wealth by [discharging] zakat, treat your ill by giving sadaqah and prepare for calamity in advance by engaging in du’a." (Al-Mu'jam al-Awsat).

Today, thousands of Muslims in America are anxious and confused. They lack confidence in their religion and are constantly faced with ideas contrary to their religion that seem palatable to adopt due to environmental and social pressures.

Given this, our youth are in need of a sanctuary for education and learning of Islamic knowledge. This sanctuary will be a source of authentic knowledge where they can find answers to their questions and develop their identities as Muslims.

the Solution

DarusSalam Seminary preserves, implements, and disseminates Islamic knowledge in America by nurturing and preparing our future scholars and leaders through sound, traditional understanding and learning. Our internationally trained staff is committed to promoting authentic Islamic Scholarship and producing Scholars that are in touch with the issues faced by American Muslims.

We offer the following educational programs:

Tanwir 1 Year Arabic and Islamic Studies Intensive Program

Takmil Program for Higher Islamic Learning

Tadris Integrated High School

Tahfiz Academy for Quran Memorization

Tanwir Prep Program

Tafhim Weekend Islamic Studies

Tamhid Summer Program

Tajwid & Tarbiyah After-School Quran Classes, Sunday School, Summer Hifz for Kids

the Results

Our graduates are filling the sacred posts of imams and scholars, addressing Islamic legal and social issues and challenges unique to the American context.

They are also conveying with clear expression the true spirit of Islam to our non-Muslim fellow citizens.

Graduates from our Takmil 7 year program are now:

  • Conducting presentations and classes for the Muslim student body in a college.
  • Writing research articles at DarusSalam Seminary regarding contemporary issues.
  • Serving as resident scholars and counselors in Chicago and California guiding the local youth.
  • Instructing at Islamic Institutions.
  • Pursuing further graduate studies in Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic finance, and Tafsir.

Nearly one-third of our entire student body receives full or partial financial aid from DarusSalam, including daily meals and living accommodations.

that amounts to



Supporting our Seminary means supporting the future of Islamic scholarship in America. You take a share for everyone who benefits from the 'ulamā DarusSalam produces. You can also give zakat towards the tuition of eligible students.


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