A 3-day workshop covering God, Islam, and the Mirage of Atheism



Shaykh Fahad Tasleem, Research Fellow & Instructor at Sapience Institute



Since the birth of modern secularism in Europe, Atheism has proliferated globally on an unprecedented scale. With Atheism knocking heads with core religious beliefs, its effects are reverberating across the spectrum of religious identity and thought.

Muslims in the United States are especially affected since they are at the crossroads of debates directly associated with a dominant liberal Atheistic worldview and a growing Christian conservative movement. In such an environment, Muslims are forced to either completely accept a liberal paradigm with philosophical roots in Atheism and capitulate core Islamic values or to adopt those values and be relegated to a belief system like Christianity which is assumed to have an epistemic value equivalent to fairytales.

This course aims to break this paradigm by presenting a thorough understanding of Atheism’s philosophical roots and key arguments in a lucid and palatable manner.

A powerful case for the truth of Islam based upon rationality and spirituality will be made equipping students with not only a guide to fortify their own convictions but also, a tool kit to proactively invite others to the beautiful Islamic way of life.

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