the many roles of Rasūlullah ﷺ

“A time will come when the one who is steadfast on his deen will be like a person holding a burning coal.” (Tirmidhi)




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Masjid DarusSalam

21W525 North Ave., Lombard, IL 60148

Everyday, Muslims in America are faced with new ideologies and views that cause them to question their core beliefs.

Why does evil exist? What does Islam say about evolution? How do I reconcile liberal, secular, and radical ideologies with Islam? Should I follow a School of Thought? How did the Schools of Thought form?

Unfortunately we do not possess the requisite knowledge to answer these questions, let alone inform others of what Islam says about these topics. This leads many Muslims to intentionally or unintentionally leave the fold of Islam or have the wrong set of beliefs.

DarusSalam's Winter Intensive provides an opportunity to withdraw from the clamor of our daily lives into an intensely engaging and intellectually stimulating environment of Islamic scholarship. Immersing in this world of traditional 'ilm, participants will engage in a deep, classical study of essential topics that will inshaAllah ground them in conviction, allowing them to confidently uphold their faith, unflinching in the face of other popular ideologies of the day.

This four-day course includes interactive classes with ample opportunity for questions and discussion. In addition to the conducive studying environment, over the four days you will enjoy good companionship and special sessions aimed at spiritual rectification. After a full day of studying, take a break and enjoy the beautiful City of Chicago, its attractions, and the great Halal Cuisine.

InshaAllah after attending this course, you will be confident in your religion, confident in your beliefs, be able to educate others on the topics covered, and be able to hold on to your faith and not be swayed by the popular ideologies of the day. Gain the tools to identify and protect your faith against the doubts of the Modern Era.


Unit 1 - Atheism and Modern Ideologies

Problem of Evil


Rational Arguments for Belief in Allah (swt) and the Prophet (saw)

Refuting Post Modernism/Radical Left Ideologies in Islam

Refuting Radical Right Ideologies of ISIS and Takfiris

Unit 3 - Signs of the Day of Judgment

Minor Signs

Major Signs

Unit 2 - Lessons from Islamic History


The Fall of the Ottoman Khilafa and its Aftermath

Colonial Era in the Muslim World

Lessons from the Crusades

Rise and Fall of Muslim Spain

Unit 4 - Islamic Intellectual History

Evolution of Schools of Thought in Fiqh

Following a School of Thought


Course Fee

Student: $100

Individual: $200

Couple: $350

Family: $500

Out of State Early Bird: $50


Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Chicago Lombard

645 W North Ave, Lombard, IL 60148


For brothers only

InshaAllah we will be having limited accommodations for brothers in the masjid for a nominal donation of $25.00/night to cover expenses of the Masjid. This will also include breakfast and dinner inshaAllah. To register for overnight stay, please click here.


Interactive Classes

Lunch & Refreshments

Dhikr Sessions


Discussion and Q&A