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[accordion-item title="▽ Mufti Abrar Mirza"]

Contextualizing Islamic Law: How Flexible is It?
Spousal Support & Child Custody Matters in Islam
Riba in Contemporary Times: Halal or Haram?
Shari'ah Compliant Earning, Financing, and Investing


[accordion-item title="▽ Dr. Mateen Khan"]

Corrupting Tradition: Muslim Encounters with European Modernity
Islam in the Workplace: Medicine as a Case Study
Communal Consideration: A Path to Overcoming Differences in Muslim America


[accordion-item title="▽ Mawlana Yusuf Sulaiman"]

Navigating Innovations: Historical Origins of Controversy
Navigating Innovations: Bid'ah vs Sunnah
Theological Exploration of Takfīr: The Parameters of Faith
Theological Exploration of Takfīr: How Far is too Far?


[accordion-item title="▽ Mufti Minhajuddin Ahmed"]

United Eid in the United States: Challenges
United Eid in the United States: Solutions
Significance of Halal Consumption: Nourishing Body and Soul
Uncovering the Meat Industry: The Need for Zabiha Certification



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