A one-day, pre-retreat series of interactive and immersive classes covering informative and thought-provoking topics with some of today's leading scholars.



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[accordion-item title="▽ Dr. Mufti Yasir Nadeem, IIE"]

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[accordion-item title="▽ Mawlana Bilal Ali Ansari, Darul Qasim"]

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[accordion-item title="▽ Mufti Abrar Mirza, American Fiqh Academy"]

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[accordion-item title="▽ Mufti Minhajuddin Ahmed, DarusSalam Seminary"]

Minhajuddin Ahmed serves as the Principal of the Academy as well as one of the institute’s directors. Born and raised in Illinois, he memorized the entire Qurʾān at a young age. Later in life, when he reached college age, he opted to dedicate his life to Islāmic Studies and traveled to South Africa.He studied the eight-year ʿālimiyyah and iftāʾ program graduating with teaching licenses and the permission to issue fatwā in the Ḥanafī School.

Upon returning to the United States, he served as the director of the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis for several years before becoming involved at Masjid DarusSalam. He oversees the administration of the institute. His passion for knowledge and dedication to providing a high-quality institute to serve the North-American Muslim community is phenomenal. Along with imparting knowledge to students in the classroom, he envisages creating a brilliant beacon of knowledge that will inspire future generations by offering an opportunity to study Islām in a way that is relevant in contemporary contexts while holding fast to tradition. Along with teaching and overseeing the institute’s administration, he serves as the imām at Masjid DarusSalam.




A 3-day program discussing the Islamic perspective on dealing with calamities, depression, personal setbacks, financial struggles, domestic issues, intellectual challenges, and other hardships, connecting examples from the past with modern-day manifestations.


FRIDAY, JUNE 18 (Maghrib) - SUNDAY, JUNE 20 (10AM)

The weekend will conclude with DarusSalam Seminary`s Commencement Ceremony for the 2021 graduating classes. Alhamdulillah, this includes a number of programs:

Takmil Seven-Year ‘Alimiyyah Program
Qiraʼah Sab'ah Program
Tanwir Intensive One-Year Arabic & Islamic Studies Program
Tahfiz Qur'an Memorization Program
Tadris Integrated High School Program


SUNDAY, JUNE 20 | 10AM - 4:30PM

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Brothers 18+ are welcome to perform i'tikaf at DarusSalam for the duration of the Retreat!* Just select this option when registering.

*Must present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.